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In business it is very important to have an expert team surrounding you and my team always includes just 2 guys creative! I’ve worked with Will Good consistently throughout my career and I’m always happy to present his quality of work to my clients. The amount of creativity and dedication that they present for each individual job never falters and is always top quality.

Holly Tacker

REALTOR®, Windermere Real Estate

Just 2 Guys Creative has been my exclusive source for photography and videography for the past two years. Their ability to bring out the true beauty in any subject  is remarkable. Their videos consistently capture the intangible qualities that pictures often can't... and I frequently find myself the recipient of compliments regarding the media they produce for me.

It's their obvious love and obsession with the perfection of their craft that keeps it cutting edge and of top quality.

John Douville

Cascade Home Group


I. Before We Film

You may have been dreaming about making this video for months and already know the exact vision and message you want to portray, or you might need some guidance finding what fits your brand. In either case, we'll work together to establish the tone of your message. If you happen to run a fun & quirky pet resort and you're doing a summer promotion, the tone of your message and how you tell the story will be much different than if you're the owner of a private practice and you're filming testimonials to showcase how your services have transformed clients' lives. The concept of the video will determine what kind of microphones, cameras, and other equipment we use during production.

Once we have the concept, it's time to start telling the story. We'll brainstorm and plan what kind of shots we'll need to transfer the right emotional experience to the viewer. How we introduce a character, or even just an idea, will be based on the concept we established and your goals. This is where a lot of the 'heavy lifting' is done in order to make sure everything goes smoothly on production day and we capture the exact feeling we envisioned.

Some folks are able to hop on camera and nail it the first time, but most of us need a little bit of a plan before being in the spotlight. If needed, we can help you develop a script or list of questions to use as a framework so there's no question about what you need to say or "talk about". Some videos may require use of a script while others may be more appropriate for off the cuff remarks.

If we need extras or acting talent, we've got you covered. We have access to talent all across the entire U.S.

For a standard project that requires planning and storyboards, we're typically ready to start shooting in 1-2 weeks.  If there's less organized planning our part, like an event that just needs promotional footage, it's possible to be ready to go the next day if we aren't already booked.  

We'll need to decide where we film beforehand. Most projects have pretty obvious locations, like your place of business or venue... however in post production we usually include relevant B-Roll footage that fills in the 'big picture'. In many cases we'll travel to multiple locations to obtain this footage, so we'll need to plan it out so we can schedule accordingly.

II. The Day-Of Filming

We'll arrive early at the location we discuss in pre-production to prepare our equipment and get everything set up.
Like we mentioned, most of the heavy lifting is done in pre-production, so the day of the shoot is pretty straight forward. We show up and capture the moments we envisioned in the concept, and make sure the material is in alignment with the story we're telling. Occasionally there are unforseen obstacles during the shoot, like an inaccessible area or background noise that we can't control... however we operate from a point of view where these challenges are opportunities to create a better end product. We guarantee, no matter the circumstances, that we'll produce a final product that portrays your brand in the most impactful and authentic light.

We'll capture a bunch of footage from around the location to supplement the main subject of your video. This could include nearby locations as well. This part of the process doesn't involve much effort on your part unless there's a particular shot you'd love to have included. 

You'll play the role of producer on production day. Don't be intimidated, that just means we'll give you some play-back shots as we film to make sure it's even better than you imagined. We have a history of making world-class quality prouctions seem effortless and yours will be no different.

III. After Filming


We usually have a 2-4 week lead time on delivering a finished product. If you have any specific deadlines like a product launch, property listing, business launch, etc., we'll need to know so we can accomodate.

This is where all the tedious stuff happens in between taking the raw shots and popping out a stunning feature. We have to edit colors, add visual effects, transitions, voiceovers, and a dash of that special secret sauce that you only find in the Just2Guys kitchen. It's a really long list, but you can sleep soundly knowing that we invest some serious time in making the video flow like it should.

If you have a specific song in mind, we can find out what sort of licensing it would require. Otherwise, we'll choose from our large bank of major studio quality music to find the perfect score without having to worry about licensing fees or copyright issues.

We know you can't wait to get the video after shooting. That's why we're all always accessible if you have questions or want an update.

Once we're almost done, we'll send you a copy so you can give us feedback and decide on any final edits that should be made.

We go back to chop it up one last time before we finally have our masterpiece...

And there you have it! Not just a video, but an asset that will transform the way your audience experiences your brand. You'll have everything you need to post it on your social media pages, website, and anywhere else.

"A Year From Now, You'll Wish You Had Started Today."

Karen Lamb